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Want to learn how to freehand your drawings and develop elite-level realism shading techniques? Check out my special coaching program, "You can draw in 30 days"

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- BASIC SHADING is a technique everyone already uses, but implemented in a more professional way. You hold your pencil in the extended writing grip and make back and forth movements with the side of pencil tip to fill in the entire subject area. It is the predominant technique for simply filling up space in your drawing.
- HATCHING is as simple as drawing straight parallel lines which can either be compact or spaced out. The technique is used predominantly in wood and cloth fabric textures.
- CROSS HATCHING is hatching but crossed over with either a diagonal hatch or a 90° line with respect to the current hatched lines. It's simple to draw and most useful for jeans textures among other things.
- CIRCULISM is more like continuous springs which can either be compact or spaced out as the need may be. You can use repetition to darken the springs also. I use this mostly for rough skin and Afro hair. You can check my YouTube video on Afro hair for more details.
- TAPERED STROKES are strokes that are tapered😁. In short, they start thick and thin out as they get closer to their end. I use it mostly for short hair, eye brows and eye lashes. Other uses include fur...like dog fur.
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