zero to hero book cover
Over the past 16 months, I have gone from having no knowledge and skill in drawing and no familiarity with realism whatsoever to creating masterpiece after masterpiece every time I hold a pencil and so desire. Achieving realism for me is now no longer an event, but a consistent habit. Through this period, I've learnt a lot through sheer dedication, but the bedrock of all I've learnt is that: any knowledge or skill that can be acquired, can be taught. This is why as a part of my career goals to "help other aspiring artists achieve their goals", I am releasing this e-book to share both my knowledge and my process with you.


The book is for primarily pencil artists at both beginners and intermediate levels. The examples used within the book are done using graphite and charcoal media, however a lot of the concepts explained are not medium restricted. Hence, any artist can pick the book, read it and come out on the other side a realism artist in spite of whatever medium they use, however the best gains would be achieved by those who use black and white medium due to complete relatability.


The books answers practically, most fundamental questions on realism. Things like:
  • why we pursue realism and it's difference to resemblance
  • components of realism
  • drawing and shading techniques
  • the different techniques to use for different texture drawings
  • dissecting portrait drawings
  • the relevance or lack thereof of proportions to realism
  • common mistakes to avoid towards achieving realism
  • and other miscellaneous stuffs like

  • realism and drawing surfaces
  • material recommendations for different levels of pencil artists
  • when to use grids or freehand
  • making money from realistic art drawings etc.


Like I mentioned earlier, I have a learnt a lot. Learning has cost me lots of money and time, and practicing to refine my knowledge and skill has cost me more. Also, there's the fact that there's a world of difference between having knowledge and having the ability to impart it. The process of putting together this book for you has also taken a lot of mental activity and physical effort. The financial reward you're giving therefore isn't so much for the knowledge (as that is worth way more, actually worth all the money you'll make from your art as a result of this book), instead it's for the effort it takes me to get it to you. Think of it as "thank you" gift for packaging and sharing all the information present in the book.


If you don't buy it, the book will still be available for you nonetheless, with all the transformation and future success it offers. I'm still releasing all that information even if you choose to turn your eyes away. However, you'll be holding to that little extra cash instead of trading it in exchange for improvement in your art which can potentially build you a successful career, all things being equal. Not buying would be a choice, but maybe not the most profitable choice for you.


Yes of course. What is a product without a freebie? A freebie-less product. This one isn't such. Coming with the book is also an instant access to my email inbox for consultancy. At any point in time going into the future, you can slide into a dedicated email inbox and ask me any question on anything explained within the book. You also get to share your art progress with me.


The book will be available for sale by or before January 2022. However, you can join my wait-list now so that you'll be the first to know once it is out; before the word even gets on social media. In other words, it'll automatically make you a VIP as far the book is concerned. Joining my wait-list will also be both free for you and for me. What you simply need to do is click the link below. It will take you to my website. Fill in your details and ta-da! You're an Achieving Realism VIP.