You can draw in 30 days is my MULTI-LEVEL realistic pencil drawing tutorship program with the singular focus of getting YOU to have a higher turnover of realistic drawings that you create through an emphasis on freehanding.

Realistic drawing is a skill that anyone can learn. I wasn't born with the talent. I started learning to draw less than 3 years ago, and through this program, I'm going to shorten your journey to 30 days by giving you THE CORE of everything I've learned over the last three years. Are you ready?
Based on feedbacks and analyses from my last workshop, I realised that there was a need to focus more on short exercise based teaching as opposed to the traditional way of just passing information across. More exercises means more use of information, which means more mastery.


February 1 - March 3
7pm daily


January 16 - January 31
Earlybird: Jan. 16 - Jan. 23


Both absolute beginners and intermediates


Private Telegram group


Daily 30-35 mins exercise-based VIDEO LESSONS with additional post teaching exercises.


  • Getting started
  • Day 1: Pencil grips, Pressure Control and Basic Shading
  • Day 2: Basic shading Techniques.
    Exercise: Drawing eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Day 3: Contrast, values and the value scale.
    Exercise: Shading a realistic transition.
  • Day 4: Freehanding; Using basic shapes (1): Outlining an eye
  • Day 5: Contour shading.
    Exercise: Drawing a realistic eye.
  • Day 6: Freehanding; Using basic shapes (2): Outlining a nose
  • Day 7: Contour shading.
    Exercise: Drawing a realistic nose.
  • Day 8: Freehanding; Using basic shapes (3): Outlining a mouth.
  • Day 9: Contour shading.
    Exercise: Drawing a realistic mouth.
  • Day 10: Freehanding; Using basic shapes (4): Outlining an ear.
  • Day 11: Contour shading.
    Exercise: Drawing a realistic ear.
  • Day 12: Shading realistic teeth.
  • Day 13: Facial proportion rules
  • Day 14: Freehanding other things using shapes(1)
  • Day 15: Freehanding other things using shapes(2)
  • Day 16: Freehanding an upper half portrait(1)
  • Day 17: Freehanding an upper half portrait(2)
  • Day 18: Freehanding a lower half portrait(1)
  • Day 19: Freehanding a lower half portrait(2)
  • Day 20: Freehanding a clipped face (1)
  • Day 21: Freehanding a clipped face (2)
  • Day 22: Freehanding a clipped face (3)
  • Day 23: Freehanding a clipped face (4)
  • Day 24: Introduction to the Loomis' method head construction.
  • Day 25: Loomis method: The front view
  • Day 26: Loomis method: The side/profile view
  • Day 27: Loomis method: The three quarter view
  • Day 28: Loomis method: The downward looking view
  • Day 29: The unique problems of the Loomis method
  • Day 30: Summing it all up
  • The grid + freehanding combo
  • Hair drawing techniques


14-days money back guarantee

In Faim Arts, I put YOU FIRST. So if after this program starts you feel like you aren't getting enough value or seeing results, you can get 100% of your money back within the first 14 days of the program starting.All you have to do is ask. There's one condition though. I'll already have your previous drawings BEFORE the program starts, so you just need to submit your assignments to me as proof that you did them and you didn't see results. Once that's clear, you get your FULL MONEY BACK.

Lifetime access

Worried you might miss a day or two? Want to know if you'll be able to revisit the program videos and do another 30 extra days of practice? Telegram has cloud storage. This means that even if you lose the app or clear your phone data, you can always log in again with the same number and still have access to the program videos, whenever that is.


After 30 days, your story will be even better than this student of mine. THE TRANSFORMATION WILL BE MEASURABLE:

  • You will be able to freehand most of your drawing projects or at least have a strong foundation for doing so.
  • You will have mastery over realistic shading and shading techniques.
  • You will know the next step to take in your ladder to the top of elite artistry.




Are you ready to take charge of how skilled you become with freehanding and realistic drawing?

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