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about me

Get to know me

I'm Iyanuoluwapo Sonayon Akoteyon. That's my name in full in case you plan to send me a Facebook friend request, lol. I'm 23 years young with my birthday every 1st of August, half-Beninoise, half-Nigerian, and currently based in Ile-Ife, Osun State Nigeria. I am of the Christian faith, love cooking, posing, styling, and educating through content creation. I am a serial learner, and my watchword is "the future belongs to those who act". Now to why you're probably here... I draw... a lot, and I love it.

Background in Art

Absolutely none! Never went to art school. Never drew anything except amoebas in biology class and stick figures for the first 20 years of my life. Everything I know and do now, I have learned through books, video lessons and tons of research. Like I said, I am a serial learner. One of the things I'm best at is the research phase before I solve a problem.

Media and Style

I'm a realism artist. This means that I employ a medium to recreate the illusion of reality of paper. The idea is that when you see a drawing of mine, it looks like its really there. My preferred choice of media at this moment are graphite and charcoal.


Starting in January 2024, I am now focusing on creating original drawings around the "success mentality", capturing the struggles, processes, and rewards on the path to being successful. On the commissions part, I am now taking only commissions that celebrate the realtionships that successful people value. As such, my commissions will always have at least two subjects.

Personal Ambitions

Sell art; a lot of them. Become wealthy. Help my faimly. Help the church. Teach a lot of artists, and equip them to get out of poverty and into wealth, through art.