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I'm Iyanu, and I'm the artist you've been wanting to meet.

Find out all the information you need to commission me for a drawing below

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Who can commission me

Ideally, anyone who can afford to can message me to book a commission, but personally I'd love to work much more with successful entrepreneurs, athletes and scientists. This is because people in this category tend to have a lot of relationships they value but can't always keep up with. My drawings that feature them and their 'other' in that relationships will be a physical representation and reminder of how much they care.

"Through my artworks, out of sight is not out of mind."

The quality of work


In my drawing process, I make use of acid-free paper (which ensures the longevity of the work), high quality pencils (that won't corrode the paper), and fixatives (that glue the grains of the medium to the paper and prevent smudging). Coupled with quality framing and proper handling, the artwork will certainly outlive both you and your relationships.

Commission and waitlist terms

  • All commissioned drawing prices include the full package (the work itself, the framing, the packaging and the delivery). Consequently, there are no hidden charges whatsover.
  • I can only work on one commissioned drawing at a time, so if I'm not available, you'll have to join a waitlist with a non-refundable commitment fee of $100 or its equivalent.
  • I require 70% deposit on all commissions before I touch the paper with a pencil at all. Prior commitment fees are deductible from this amount if you've been on my waitlist prior.
  • Depending on the actual size and number of subjects, completion can take between 2-6 weeks. I'll give you an estimate when we discuss. DHL is my preferred delivery agency, and delivery takes less than 5 days from completion.
  • Unless, you're booking artworks amounting to over $1,000 in prices, I don't negotiate. I don't like to do it, neither do I want to. Thanks for complying.

My prices

Naira prices only apply to Nigerians living within or delivering within Nigeria.

A3+ (14" x 18")

2 people/subjects - #330,000/$570

A2 (18" x 24")

2 people/subjects - #580,000/$880

3 people/subjects - #730,000/$1025

A1 (24" x 36")

2 people/subjects - #800,000/$1,300

3 people/subjects - #1,200,000/$1650

For larger drawings or to fit in more subjects, send me a message

Size reference chart

size chart

An A3 is double an A4 (print paper). An A2 is double an A3 and 4 times an A4. An A1 is double an A2 and 8 times an A4.

What people are saying

I came across your ad on WhatsApp. The voiceover was so good that I had to make a compliment. I noticed you had a store attached, checked through and found the art-'Fears Defeated'. At first glance, I didn't get the message from the drawaing but when I read the text attached, it made sense. ... Coincidentally, I was reading 50's book at the time - 'the 50th law'. The book centers on overcoming one's fear in order to reach mastery and achieve the heights of success we desire. The purchase was my first from you, and about trust, I am more of an impulse buyer. The packaging was solid, the tube is strong. The deliver too was exactly as stated; received in good condition. On receipt, the art was what I ordered exactly. For those aspiring to buy from Faim Arts, she's really good. Look at her catalog, and find an artwork that you connect with strongly and feel good about.

- Mr. Sam

This is awesome. It is an embodiment of perfection. You have put in a lot of time and energy in creating this masterpiece, and I must say, it has paid off! I am wowed by your artistic effort in bringing this into reality. You're dexterous. Presently, I am staring at this glorious art and it gladdens my heart to be the one on it.... I wish all my dreams in life can come through like this masterpiece. Words can't explain how I feel.

- Mr.Femi

I met Faim Arts on IG. I was looking for a serious and really good artist for a commission. The more interesting things about her are that she is talented, intelligent and has very good customer relationship, which I'm impressed by. Her delivery was swift and it came earlier than I expected, which is proof she can be trusted.... She's been tested and has passed the mark. I would rate her a 9/10. I will definitely recommend her and even plan on working with her again soon.

- Mr. Obinna

Perfect example of what you want is what you got. I loved the drawing so much I made a big frame of it. I'll want you to patronise and I'm sure you'll always come for more. She's just the best at what she does.

- Mr.Oluwatobi

I met lyanu through a WhatsApp ad. Since I'm a fan of arts and had been looking to do something creative for my wife, I was immediately interested in lyanu's service — Faim Arts. Looking at the samples she portrayed in the advertorial, I felt she could help out with what I wanted. ... And honestly, what I got was way more than what I paid for. Faim Arts was very orderly in the execution of the commission and delivered within the proposed deadline. I was nothing short of satisfied when I received the final work, even though I had been looking forward to it. Iyanu is good at what she does. She adds an extra to her services, which makes it even better. And, trust me, I'm going nowhere else when it comes to pencil drawing requirements.

- Mr. Finidi

I actually thought you'd disappoint me either by taking my money and not completing the work or giving me the opposite of what I expected. Didn't know you from anywhere, but decided to take the risk. I am impressed and quite happy. ...You made me gain a lot of trust in you. You didn't disappoint. You delivered what I expected it was almost like the black and white of the real picture. I envy you. I'll recommend you a million times to people. If anyone wants to do a drawing with you, I'll show them your works and assure them that you're the best and they should give you a try. You're indeed rare.

- Miss Pelumi

I met you on Instagram. I just wanted a great job with attention to detail. It was a commission and my concern was if you'd deliver on the expectation. I like the fact that you're professional and courteous. The packaging and delivery process was awesome and I am very satisfied with the work. I'd definitely recommend you in a heartbeat.

- Mr. Ifeanyi

Faim Arts is great! She took me through the whole process of the drawing and every bit of it was fascinating. She's an artist with vast knowledge in the world of drawing. It was actually a present to a friend and she was delighted. I'm glad.

- Tosin Daramola

It's been nice working with you! This your customer relations/support ehn...100%. I hail
I have checked the drawing and it's so good, met my expectations. Those touch of pimples😅. Thank you so much.

- Boluwatife

Reference image(s) and how to book


Book a pencil drawing in 3 easy steps

  • Check out the price list and the size reference chart again, and decide on your preferred size (with the number of subjects)
  • Pick out your reference image(s). This could be one image that contains all the subjects, or distinct images of the subjects for me to pool together in one drawing. In the case of creating one drawing from multiple references featuring different subjects, please ensure that all the reference images are captured with the subjects facing the same direction or angle.
  • Message me through one of either my email or WhatsApp with your name, location, number of subjects and a few (no more than 5) possible references. Please explain everything at once and don't just say hello (and wait for my reply).