I am the result of everything I have learned, and you are too. Some see my works and think I'm talented. Others think I have practiced for thousands of hours. In "Mastering Realism in Graphite and Charcoal", I get to prove to you that my prowess in creating realistic drawings isn't talent or decades of practice. In fact, I have only been drawing for three years and two months as at June 2023, and I was inconsistent for the first two years. The thing is, I am a stringent student. I learn, A LOT. My journey has been plagued with several hours of intense reading of books, watching of videos, and performing informed experiments.


In fact, your trial and error journey will be as short as this course. Big promise but I mean it.


Mastering Realism in Graphite and Charcoal is a real-time course with real-time explanations.

This means that you will be able to not only follow along, but also understand exactly what is taking place.

The final two drawings from the course, preceded by a handful of practical sessions.


Video snippets from the course

Below are the contents of the Mastering Realism in Graphite and Charcoal Course.


  • Getting started
  • Materials I use and how I use them
  • Intro to Realism: Light and form
  • Intro to Realism (ii): Values, contrast and gradients
  • Intro to Realism (iii): Outlining and sketching
  • Intro to Realism (iv): Shading and shading techniques
  • Intro to Graphite (i): Pencil grades, pencil brands, and graphite-suited paper types
  • Intro to Graphite (ii): Strengths, limitations and weaknesses of graphite
  • Intro to Graphite (iii): Application methods and techniques for graphite
  • Intro to Graphite (iii): Other media graphite works with
  • Intro to Charcoal (i): Pencil grades, pencil brands, and charcoal-suited paper types
  • Intro to Charcoal (ii): Strengths, limitations and weaknesses of charcoal
  • Intro to Charcoal (iii): Application methods and techniques for charcoal
  • Intro to Charcoal (iv): Hyperrealistic eye-drawing in charcoal
  • Portrait Drawing Prep: Basic proportions of the human face
  • Real-time Portrait Drawing using Graphite and Charcoal
  • EXTRAS: Where to find reference images and how to edit them
  • Final instructions


The Art Monetisation Blueprint Course

Video snippets from the course

VALUED AT $22/#10,000

If you are on this page because you want to learn to create ultra realistic drawings, chances are you would love to earn money from creating art. In the Art Monetisation Blueprint Course, I share my expertise (so far) in earning a living from my art, giving you a blueprint to becoming an artpreneur in no time at all. But all that means nothing to you until I tell you that I am giving the course to you for free when you get the Mastering Realism in Graphite and Charcoal course.

The Art Monetisation Blueprint Course provides a detailed manual on the following:
  • How businesses work
  • Why people buy art
  • Owning a market segment
  • Personal branding for artists: A step-by-step guide
  • The road to building a fanbase
  • Creating your offers
  • Income sources for artists
  • Pricing: Features of a good price
  • Pricing: Pricing systems
  • Different types of clients and how to handle them
  • How to follow-up a client
  • How to close a client
  • Setting up your social media for success
Videography for Artists pro-course

Video snippets from the course

VALUED AT $17/#8,000

If you will command attention on social media in this day and age, you need to learn to make good videos. And I am not talking about videos shot from a high-quality camera, but videos that pause the scroll and keep people watching. The worst part? Social media users won't be merciful enough to watch your bad videos just because you are an artist and not a videographer. That's why I liaised with my editor to create a videography course specifically tailored to an artist's needs so you can learn both to shoot and also to edit engaging videos. The goodnews? It's a free bonus for you if you take my Mastering Realism in Graphite and Charcoal course.

The Art videography Blueprint Course provides a detailed manual on the following:
  • Intro to videography and visual storytelling
  • Equipment and tools (i): The necessities and workarounds
  • Equipment and tools (ii): Learning to use what you have
  • Lighting and setting a scene
  • Types of shots: Ranges and angles
  • Types of shots: A rolls and B-rolls
  • Planning and storytelling(i): How to plan a shot
  • Planning and storytelling(ii): Framing and composition
  • Planning and storytelling(iii): Storytelling techniques
  • Basic camera settings
  • Editing Basics (i): Picking the right music
  • Editing Basics (ii): Pacing
  • Editing Basics (iii): Types of cuts
  • Editing Basics (iv): Trimming, splitting and rearranging clips
  • Editing Basics (v): Transitions, effects and overlays
  • Editing Basics (vi): Speed ramps
  • Editing Basics (vii): Colour grading
  • Editing Basics (viii): Contrast, Brightness, Exposure, and Sharpness adjustments
  • Editing Basics (ix): Adding movement using keyframes
  • Editing Basics (x): Using texts and voiceovers
  • When is the editing done?
  • Export settings

"I tried right? I'm basically setting you up for life"


Mastering Realism in Graphite and Charcoal course as well as its FREE bonuses won't be available for public launch until the uploading is complete (the course modules are currently being uploaded once every 2-3 days), but so YOU'LL ONLY BE ABLE TO WATCH IT AS DRIP-CONTENT (watching in drips)you can order the course as drip-content RIGHT NOW at 20% off the regular price.

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